[gme-users] change in integer limits in Constraint Manager?

Jeff Parsons j.parsons at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Feb 3 20:08:41 CST 2006


I just installed 5.9.21 and am having a problem with
one of my constraints. Part of the constraint 
checked that an attribute value, after conversion
to integer with toInteger() is between the limits
of a 4-byte signed integer (I don't have the exact
numbers at hand, but they conform to the IEEE standard,
minus 2 billion something to plus 2 billion something).
This worked fine with
4.11.10, but now the constraint always evaluates false
even if the attribute is within range. I changed the
values in my OCL expression to -1000 and 1000 and that
fixed the problem - the constraint worked as expected.

Did the GME OCL parser change after 4.11.10 in some
way that would affect this? Does anyone know if
limits on integer values are hard-coded into the OCL
parser or lexer, or in the toInteger() conversion?



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