[gme-users] Re: Small question and discussion forums

Akos Ledeczi akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Feb 23 10:06:09 CST 2006


cc-d is the mailing list you are looking for. Specifying 0..1 should 
work, the metainterpreter is supposed to generate the appropriate 
constraint. Is that not the case?


Zawar Qayyum wrote:
> Akos
> I am using GME as part of my research in modelling an architectural 
> definition language Pi-ADL at Université de Bretagne-Sud. I must say 
> that its a very robust and well written tool. I have a little question 
> however: In my meta model I have a <<Model>> called Any, which can 
> contain (through a containment relationship) atmost one instance of 
> <<Atom>> BaseType. How do I express that in the subset of OCL that GME 
> implements? Customizing the multiplicity doesn't seem to have the 
> desired effect since I want to /*prevent*/ the addition of more than one 
> BaseTypes.
> I would have liked to post this question on a relevant discussion forum 
> but didn't find any. Could you point me to any such forum that you know of?
> Thanks in advance.
> Zawar

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