[gme-users] Possibilities in General Preferences field?

Jesper Berthing jbe at cfsi.dk
Fri Jan 20 15:20:29 CST 2006

I am searching for information about the General Preference field, in order to fine tune my paradigm. I am not looking for something specific, but I just want to explore the possibilities.


I have found some examples by looking into the paradigms that is shipped with GME, for example from the HFSM paradigme:

>From the transition connection: labelFormatStr=%Event%, this print the value of the Event Attribute on the connection.

And color=0x0080C0, sets the color of the decorator.


Is there are place where I can se what possibilities I have for fine tuning my paradigme? Like the above mentioned and other.


>From the GME manual about the general preferences field, page 63:

This is a highly specific text area, and is normally not used. The occasions for using this area is to configure portions of the paradigm that the Metamodeling environment has not yet been developed to configure.





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