[gme-users] Transforming models into source code (e.g. C)

Attila Vizhanyo viza at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jan 30 10:09:35 CST 2006

Hi Jesper,

> In relation to the above.
> What is the best approach in order to transform a model (e.g. state 
> diagram) into source code (e.g. C, not BDD implementations)?
> GME Interpreter (BON), GReAT or another approach.
Using GReAT is feasible whenever you feel there is a large semantic gap 
between your input and output domains, and a complex algorithm is needed 
to bridge that gap. You may consider to write the transformation in 
C++/Java if the domains do not differ too much, or use code templates is 
the output has signigicant static content in it. GReAT visualizes the 
semantic mapping between the domains, and let you concentrate on the 
transformation algorithm, instead of having you lost in implementation 
details. On the downside, it has a steep learning curve you must 
overcome when you write your first GReAT program. We have some good 
tutorials and example GReAT programs enclosed in the GReAT package.


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