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One thing you can do is to give your model "A" another aspect (call it "E"),
but don't put the port objects in that aspect...  Then when you run the
meta-interpreter, it will give you a "Configure Aspect Mapping" dialog;
you'll want to find the tab for aspect "D" and for role "B:R" use KindAspect
"E" instead of "C".  

This should make it so that GME uses aspect "E" (which doesn't contain the
port objects) when it visualizes an "R" inside of a "B" model, i.e. no

Good luck! 


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Hi All,

I thought I knew the answer to the following question, but practical
experience dictates otherwise.

I have a model (A) which contains ports.  Model A is assigned aspect C,
as is the parent of model A.  The ports, as well as model A are allowed
to be visualized in aspect C. 

I have a reference (R) to model A.  I have another model (B) which can
contain R, but not A.  Model B is assigned aspect D (different from
aspect C).  Reference R is allowed to be visualized in Aspect D.  R is
not allowed to be visualized in aspect C.  The ports of A are not
allowed to be visualized in Aspect D.

The question is when I drop a reference to a model of type A into a
model of type B, why do I see the ports of the model to which the
reference refers on the edge of the reference?  I thought that in order
for that to work the ports would have to be "roped into" aspect D in the

Is there a way around seeing the ports on the reference?  


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