[gme-users] ports on a reference

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Jun 8 14:35:05 CDT 2006

The Aspect Mapping Dialog featured in the MetaInterpreter is exactly for
this purpose.
So that if A has two aspects assigned: C and G (where C does, and G does
NOT show the ports) you will be prompted to select how would you like to
view A and R if contained somewhere: in aspect C or G.

By selecting G, you can hide the A's ports in a container.

Br, Zoli

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> Hi All,
> I thought I knew the answer to the following question, but 
> practical experience dictates otherwise.
> I have a model (A) which contains ports.  Model A is assigned 
> aspect C, as is the parent of model A.  The ports, as well as 
> model A are allowed to be visualized in aspect C. 
> I have a reference (R) to model A.  I have another model (B) 
> which can contain R, but not A.  Model B is assigned aspect D 
> (different from aspect C).  Reference R is allowed to be 
> visualized in Aspect D.  R is not allowed to be visualized in 
> aspect C.  The ports of A are not allowed to be visualized in 
> Aspect D.
> The question is when I drop a reference to a model of type A 
> into a model of type B, why do I see the ports of the model 
> to which the reference refers on the edge of the reference?  
> I thought that in order for that to work the ports would have 
> to be "roped into" aspect D in the metamodel?
> Is there a way around seeing the ports on the reference?  
> Thanks,
> Brandon.
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