[gme-users] Contribution to GME

Zawar Qayyum zawarq at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 22:52:35 CST 2006

Hello GME People

The modelling work I am doing using GME requires better support for OCL then
what currently exists. Are you guys thinking on the lines of acheiving
complete UML 2 compliance? Its a huge task but I think it can be
accomplished pragmatically (atleast within the duration of a Phd). I may be
able to help if someone is planning in that direction. The thing is that
there isn't any UML 2.0 compliant solution available that allows for all of
the following three: zoom-in function (objects within objects), custom meta
model driven modelling and aspects. If anyone knows about such a solution
then let me know. Maybe I'll buy a license and get off cheaply :}

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