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From  Prof.  Karsai¡¯s  ¡°Model-Integrated  Development  of  Embedded  Software¡±,  I  get  the  follows  about  DSML.
Formally,  a  modeling  language  is  a  five-tuple  of  concrete  syntax,  abstract  syntax,  semantic  domain,  and semantic  and  syntactic  mappings.
The  concrete  syntax  defines  the  specific  (textual  or  graphical)  notation  used  to  express  models,  which  may be  graphical,  textual,  or  mixed.  
The  abstract  syntax  defines  the  concepts,  relationships,  and  integrity  constraints  available  in  the  language.
The  semantic  domain  is  usually  defined  by  means  of  some  mathematical  formalism  in  terms  of  which  the  meaning of  the  models  is  explained.
But,  it  is  difficult  to  understand  the ¡°semantic  domain¡±.  When  define  a  DSML,  how  to  define  its  ¡°semantic domain¡±?  I  confused  ¡°semantic  domain¡±  with  ¡°syntax¡±.  Any  one  can  illustrate  me  for  this?  For  example, an  SF  language.  Or,  is  there  any  doc  in  detail  for  this  problem.  

Any  help  is  appreciated.


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