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Berthing Jesper f35594 at Danfoss.com
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Hi Adi,
I think your question is clear. 
You are using the functions correctly, but you need to be sure that the
atomName is a key in the HashTable.
Please use outConne.toString() and print it somewhere visible to you,
then you are able to se what the HashTable contains.
Or you can use outConne.isEmpty
y()> ()that returns true if outConne is empty (No out connections from
the atomObject).


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Hi Jesper,

1. Hashtable outConne= atomObject.getOutConnections();

2. Vector list = (Vector)outConne.get(atomName);

In the 1 statement, atomObject is the object of  type JBuilderAtom or
JBuilderModel.  What exactly I am trying to do in the above two
statements is 
1. finding out the out connections (if any) for the JBuilderAtom or
I hope this can be achieved thorough the first statement.
2. Next is getting those connections from the hash table with the name
of the above object.

I hope cleared my problem.


On 10/24/06, Berthing Jesper <f35594 at danfoss.com> wrote: 

	Hi Adi,
	It looks correct, if the atomName[i] is a stored as a key in the
	So if you say that it returns null, the it is not present in the
	Try: (I guess that atomName[i] is the name of your connections
from the MetaModel) 
	if(true == outConne.containsKey(atomName[i])
	   Vector list = (Vector)outConne.get(atomName[i]);
	   // Look for another connection
	toString() function from the HashTable class is also a good way
to visualize the content of the HashTable. 
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	Is anyone in the list know about the following problem.
	1. Hashtable outConne= atomNames[i].getOutConnections(); 
	2. Vector list = (Vector)outConne.get(atomName[i]);
	Are the above statements correct?
	I am getting null in the 2 statement. Is it the right way to
access the
	hashtable list?
	On 10/21/06, Adi Mallikarjuna Reddy V <
adimallikarjunareddy at gmail.com>
	> Hi all,
	> I got API that I required to traverse the model. But I am
facing some
	> problems. When I tried accessing Connections (In and Out) of
an Object 
	> (Atom, Model), I am getting null as a result. I tried the
following APIs
	> getOutConnections(String name) one which returns Vector
	> getOutConnections() one which returns Hashtable
	> this two functions I tried using the instance of (JBuilderAtom
	> JBuilderModel).
	> I would be helpful if you can help me in this regard.
	> Regards
	> Adi
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