[gme-users] Determining type

mehmet fatih fatihceng at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 26 20:40:05 CDT 2006

Thanks for your response Zoltan,
I have one more question :), how can i get type string (that we defined in 
metamodel) of corresponding FCO? I.e is there any method like getKindName()? 
(btw a similiar method is used in tutorials but I guess it is not used 

>ConnectionEnd myEnd = getInConnEnds(...);
>FCO myFCO( myEnd);
>if( myFCO) ... // connectionEnd is an FCO object
>else ... // connectionEnd is a ReferencePort
>    ReferencePort rp( myEnd);
>    rp->get... //
>By using the code above you can determine the type.
>ReferencePorts are objects which are involved in connections when the 
>connectionend is drawn to a port of a reference, instead of to a fco, or a 
>port of a model.
>mehmet fatih wrote:
>>I have a question related with BON2 Interpreter. I am trying to determine 
>>the type of atom that I defined in my metamodel. It works well with 
>>Project class through using "findByKind(string)", but what I trying to do 
>>is to determine this through ConnectionEnd class. How can I determine the 
>>type of an item in BON2?
>>PS: The point that I have trouble is after having found connection ends 
>>through get[Out|In]ConnEnds methods, I could not figure out the type of 
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Mehmet Fatih Uluat
>>Hava durumunu bizden ögrenin ve evden öyle çikin! 
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