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Ezhilarasi Chinnapayan c_ezhilarasi at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 15 07:34:04 CDT 2006

   i am a final year ME (CSE) student doing my miniproject in GME.. i have some doubts in working with GME ..will you pls clarify my doubts...
  i have finished the metamodel (as per the tutorial given in GME itself)
  but while interpreting them it says "ASPECT MAPPING AVOIDED . NO USER CHOICE NEEDED TO BE MADE" ..and it has created a new paradigm also...
  but while connecting the host with localnet it not get connected..?
  what i have to do..? how to check..?
  where is that Aspect connectivity dialog box..?
  i dont know whether i can contact you for clarification or not.. but i have to get 
  clarified.. ..pls do this favour and suggest me how to work with GME

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