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The "Aspect Mapping avoided" message can be ignored.
If you can't connect two elements, you must make sure that
-the connection itself is a child of some container
If you have Aspects then you should make sure that the connection, the
endpoints are parts of the aspect.
If you don't have aspects, just go ahead without them, because the
metainterpreter will create a default one for each model that doesn't
have one.
(You will get a warning of course, but as your gme knowledge progresses
you will hopefully introduce aspects).
The Aspects can be set on the second view (first is ClassDiagram, Aspect
is the second, Attributes is the fourth)
You can right click on an aspect after that elements turn grey, and by
clicking on elements you add them into the aspect, while they turn
hth, Zoli

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 i am a final year ME (CSE) student doing my miniproject in GME.. i have
some doubts in working with GME ..will you pls clarify my doubts...
i have finished the metamodel (as per the tutorial given in GME itself)
but while interpreting them it says "ASPECT MAPPING AVOIDED . NO USER
CHOICE NEEDED TO BE MADE" ..and it has created a new paradigm also...
but while connecting the host with localnet it not get connected..?
what i have to do..? how to check..?
where is that Aspect connectivity dialog box..?
i dont know whether i can contact you for clarification or not.. but i
have to get 
clarified.. ..pls do this favour and suggest me how to work with GME


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