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Hi Kitty,
I posted the question some time ago. 
Here is a copy and paste:

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Here is the complete list of "advanced" preference settings: 
"help"    : help URL 
"backgroundColor": background color for the model when it is opened in a 
"labelFormatStr": see manual 
"autorouterPref": list of legal src (NESW) and dst directions (nesw) for 
"nullRefIcon": icon shown when the reference does not refer a valid object 
"portLabelInside" : show the port labels inside the model 
"portLabelLength": maximum length for port labels (you might want to use it 
with the previous pref) 
"iconDefault": ? 
"tilesDefault": ? 
"tilesUndefined": ? 
"tiles": ? 
"isViolated": ? 

Peter Volgyesi 
Vanderbilt University, ISIS 


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Subject: [gme-users] Possibilities in General Preferences field? 

I am searching for information about the General Preference field, in order 
to fine tune my paradigm. I am not looking for something specific, but I 
just want to explore the possibilities. 

I have found some examples by looking into the paradigms that is shipped 
with GME, for example from the HFSM paradigme: 

>From the transition connection: labelFormatStr=%Event%, this print the value 
of the Event Attribute on the connection. 

And color=0x0080C0, sets the color of the decorator. 

Is there are place where I can se what possibilities I have for fine tuning 
my paradigme? Like the above mentioned and other. 

>From the GME manual about the general preferences field, page 63: 

This is a highly specific text area, and is normally not used. The occasions 
for using this area is to configure portions of the paradigm that the 
Metamodeling environment has not yet been developed to configure. 




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Hi Folks,

Sometime ago there was a post which detailed the list of attributes (like
labelFormatStr) that can set using the General Preferences attribute
textbox.  I am unable to locate it by googling.  Can someone please point
me to the list of attributes that are accepted by GME?  The attribute guide
section of the manual doesn't have a complete list of all the attributes.

Another question I have is regarding the meaning of "tilesDefault" and
"tiles" preferences?  Is there any documentation available on this?

Basically, I am trying to do a couple of things for visualizing one of my
elements.  I want to use a separate icon with a separate icon size for a
Reference element, while also displaying the ports of the referred element.
The default decorator shows the referred ports if I don't specify an icon
in the preference for the Reference element.  I was wondering if it is
possible to make it do the same while also specifying a different icon of a
different size, instead of the default box that it draws around the
referred element's icon.  This seems to be an easy enough customization on
the default decorator that I was hoping that some easter egg exists, which
will allow me to do what I want.

BTW, is there anyway that some of the files under
$GME_SRC/GME/MgaDecorators/*.{h,cpp} be released with the default decorator
kit?   They contain a bunch of useful classes and functions that help with:

1. Loading any kind of icon file, i.e., .png,.gif,.jpg in addition to the
   default .bmp and .dib supported.
2. Getting the values of preferences by querying/substituting the
   environment variables $PARADIGMDIR and $PROJECTDIR.
3. Drawing ports with transparent background et al.        

If I want to achieve the same effect, I essentially have to duplicate the
code.  So I was wondering if the decorator support can be streamlined, and
some useful functionality exposed as public API, so that people can do a
lot more with just some basic tweaks to the default decorator?


Krishnakumar B <kitty at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
Institute for Software Integrated Systems, Dept. of EECS, Vanderbilt University
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