[gme-users] What did I do this time?

Akos Ledeczi akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Nov 30 15:07:01 CST 2007


these kinds of problems are typically aspect related. Are aspects 
correctly specified?


Joe Porter wrote:
> This is probably a subtle misunderstanding on my part, but here goes.  
> When I interpret the attached diagram in MetaGME, the Bounds model 
> does not show up in the top level (ConstraintProblem).   The 
> CompositeConstraint and DisjunctiveConstraint models also do not 
> contain FDVarRef.    It seems to be a problem with my attempt to 
> consolidate the FDVarRef and Member FCOs using the abstract 
> RefContainer class.  Does RefContainer need to have a containing 
> class, or have I strayed into syntax that is entirely forbidden?
> Can anyone tell me what is going on, and what I should expect to see?
> Thanks,
> -Joe
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