[gme-users] GME Plugin Help

gme.magik at xoxy.net gme.magik at xoxy.net
Tue Apr 22 15:15:52 CDT 2008

I have a compiled GME DLL add-on that was created in Visual Studio C++
2003. It works fine on machines that have Visual Studio installed but
I would know to know how to deploy this DLL to computers that do not
have Visual Studio or can not/should not access the source code of the
DLL. Of course, GME is already installed on these machines.

I did the paradigm registration and then tried to register a new
component (using File-Register Components--Install new) in GME but I
received this error:

Error while installing component (0x80004005)

So basically, what is the proper way to deploy a Component DLL for
general GME use? Is there a tutorial on this or some sort of
documentation anywhere?

Thank you in advance

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