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Thu Apr 24 13:16:01 CDT 2008

Yes, I found Dependency Walker (http://www.dependencywalker.com/) from
searching on a similar issue in the GME users group. It found some
missing DLLs, namely:


And some kind of problem with the MPR.DLL

I will play around with these new findings and see if I can come up
with a solution. Either way, I will post back here with my findings,
hopefully it can help someone else in the future.

Thanks for both of your help, Csaba and Zoli

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Csaba Toth -
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> Hi!
>  On Vista you may try to use "elevated command prompt" (elevated privilege).
>  Also, do not forget to use "Release" version of your component instead of
>  "Debug" version. In both cases you can use the Dependency Walker application
>  to discover what dlls are needed, as Zoli mentioned in one of his previous
>  mails.
>  Csaba
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>  Hi,
>  In general component registrations can be tracked back to
>  1- respective paradigm not found (for which the component is intended for)
>  2- incorrect version of the dll (with respect to the GME version
>  installed on the target machine)
>  3- lack of administrative  priviledges.
>  The third a little more detailed:
>  Windows XP
>  -----------
>  User who would execute the 'regsvr32 mycomp.dll' command needs to be
>  part of the Administrator user group.
>  Windows Vista
>  -------------
>  The user not only needs to be part of the Administrator user group, but
>  also User Account Control needs to be handled. To this day, i believe
>  the rough solution to this is to turn off User Account Control, restart
>  machine, then register dll.
>  Zoli
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