[gme-users] Calling 'MGA.Interpreter.MetaGME2Uml' Programatically

Chris vanBuskirk Chris.vanBuskirk at vanderbilt.edu
Sun Apr 27 14:05:25 CDT 2008

GME Users,

I am attempting to invoke the 'MGA.Interpreter.MetaGME2Uml' interpreter via
COM automation (i.e. in headless mode).  A copy of my failing VB script is
provided at the bottom of this email.  

I was expecting to receive a dialog interrogating me about the desired
output MGA filename, which would be a separate problem for a GUI-less mode
of operation.  Instead, I am getting generic 

  AfxMessageBox("An application error has occured in component " 
	+ compname + ".\n"
	"The system might not be in a stable state any more.\n"
	"Please save your work and restart the GME.");

type error messages.  Any insights about how to accomplish such a thing?
Barring that, where would I find the source code for that interpreter?  I've
poked and prodded a bit, but I think maybe I'm looking in the wrong place
for this interpreter's sources.  

Thanks Much,

' USAGE:  Meta2UML.vbs  infile outfile
'	Imports a MetaGME paradigm definition and converts to GME-UML (for
' Arguments:
'	1. infile : input MGA model 
'	2. outfile: export meta to UML format
infile  = WScript.arguments.item(0)
outfile = WScript.arguments.item(1)

Set mga  	= CreateObject("Mga.MgaProject")
Set launcher= CreateObject("Mga.MgaLauncher")
interpreter = "MGA.Interpreter.MetaGME2Uml"

mga.Open "MGA="&infile

launcher.RunComponent interpreter, mga, Nothing, Nothing, CLng(0)


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