[gme-users] Problems with a model on multiple pages

Stellan Gedell stellan.gedell at chalmers.se
Mon Dec 8 04:12:45 CST 2008

I am fond of GME's capability to have a meta-model made up of a number of
pages. I use the drag and drop function where I use Shift+Ctrl and then
drag an object <Model> to another page - where it will become a
<ModelProxy>. With this function I get a nice and readable meta-model.

I want to use the same method for my (user-) model. Especially as it will
consists of many (>100 objects) and none-hierarchical.

When I switch to my model this does not work. Instead I get a pop up
window with the text "Error completing drop operation (0x87640102):Object
was not found". In this case I try to drag/drop an object of (my) type

Do I have to have a meta-model like "Product" - "ProductProxy", which is
similar to <Model> - <ModelProxy>?


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