[gme-users] Problems with a model on multiple pages

Akos Ledeczi akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Dec 8 08:38:33 CST 2008


yes, you do have to metamodel this capability. It is implemented using 
references in GME. A proxy is a reference. Check out the the 
meta-metamodel that comes with the GME install for an example.

Furthermore, your interpreter will have to handle this as well which is 
much harder than creating the metamodel.

Hope this helps,

Stellan Gedell wrote:
> I am fond of GME's capability to have a meta-model made up of a number of
> pages. I use the drag and drop function where I use Shift+Ctrl and then
> drag an object <Model> to another page - where it will become a
> <ModelProxy>. With this function I get a nice and readable meta-model.
> I want to use the same method for my (user-) model. Especially as it will
> consists of many (>100 objects) and none-hierarchical.
> When I switch to my model this does not work. Instead I get a pop up
> window with the text "Error completing drop operation (0x87640102):Object
> was not found". In this case I try to drag/drop an object of (my) type
> "Product".
> Do I have to have a meta-model like "Product" - "ProductProxy", which is
> similar to <Model> - <ModelProxy>?
> Regards
> /Stellan
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