[gme-users] C# and GME

Sumant Tambe sutambe at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jun 16 08:54:38 CDT 2008

Hi Peter,

> There is no direct support for C# at this moment. You can use the
> tlbimp.exe tool (part of .net framework sdk), to generate a .net
> assembly from a COM type library. 

So you are suggesting me to use COM interop, right?. I came across it 
while I was browsing Internet. If I do that, what will be the level of 
API? I mean, will it be "lower-level" interface than BON/BON2? How will 
it look like?

You need to run this tool at least
> on the following COM libraries: core.dll, gme.exe, meta.dll, mga.dll.
> I have attached the source code of a working example. 

I can see only .dll files in the attached zip. No sources!



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