[gme-users] [great-users] Project is NULL!

Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Oct 8 19:27:17 CDT 2008

Hi Joe, Hi Daniel

ComponentObj.cpp should be part of some interpreter code. You have the
source code, so you can debug it, if you set up your installed GME.exe as
the debugging command (so Developer Studio will start this if you start a
debug, otherwise it can't do anything, it can't start a dll). To do this you
should open the solution, open the project properties, select "Debugging" in
the left treeview and give the path of the GME.exe at the "Command" field.
I'm describing Visual Studio 2008 now, but I can show you other versions
(2003, 2005) as well. Set up the desired breakpoints and now you can start
GME, and you should fire your interpreter, breakpoints should be triggered.
This is the clearest way to investigate these asserts.

In Visual Studio 2008 you can set up to stop in case of desired exceptions
in Debug/Exception menu/dialog. I can show you other VS versions as well.

I don't have experience with UDM interpreters. Can this be a common problem?

I can take a look at it tomorrow!

See you,

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Hi Joe,

Did you try running the interpreter from the debugger to see what's going
on?  It may be coming from some of the automatically generated GReAT code.
If you go to Debug > Exceptions... in Visual Studio, you can make it break
on all exceptions so that you may be able to find it.
I can also take a look at it tomorrow if you'd like.

Hope this helps.


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Sorry for cross-posting this to multiple lists, but as you can see below 
I'm not sure where the problem lies.

I have an interpreter (in UDM) that is returning the above message from GME.
The project wraps a GReAT transformation so it can be invoked directly from
GME.  ComponentObj.cpp has two ASSERT( project != NULL ) statements, so I'm
assuming the message comes from one of those.  Two questions:

1. Has anyone seen this before?  I have another interpreter (hand-written
   UDM) that works fine on the same model.
2. Is there any way I can intercept the exception from those assertions so 
   that I can debug what's happening?

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