[gme-users] Defining sequences of meta-types + comments/notes on the meta-model

Ioannis Ntalamagkas i.ntalamagkas at cs.manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jul 29 11:38:27 CDT 2009

Hello all,

I apologise if my questions sound naive or if they have been already 
answered (I browsed the archives of the past two years and I didn't find 
anything similar).

I want to define a type X that contains a *sequence* of instances of 
type Y. The only way that comes to my mind is that Y contains an integer 
attribute termed "order". Y then needs an OCL constraint that will check 
that all Ys are in sequence. Is there any better (simpler) way to 
achieve the same effect?

Also, is there a way to add comments/notes on the meta-model directly? I 
am asking because in complex meta-models some things may not be 
straightforward to understand by latter users of it (under the 
assumption that the original developer/expert is no longer available).

Thanks a lot,

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