[gme-users] Regarding Moving Objects through BON

Jae young Bang jaeyounb at usc.edu
Sat Jun 20 02:13:44 CDT 2009


I am working on the same project that was described in this past  

We've gone through the problem, but we're stuck with another problem.

We were able to retrieve a handle of a specific object (BON::Object),  
but when we try to change something that's shown on the screen, for  
example, when we change the co-ordinates or the name of the object (an  
Atom) using

Atom (atom) (*it); // here *it is the object handle
	atom->getRegistry()->setLocation(p); // where p is a Point

I see "Cannot create default decorator. Giving up" error.

Can I get some help here?

Thank you very much!

jaeyounb at usc.edu

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