[gme-users] Regarding Moving Objects through BON

Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Sat Jun 20 14:17:43 CDT 2009

Hi Jae,

I cannot see which version of GME you use, but if it's a version 9.x internal release, it can be this problem:
I've fixed this problem, which arised when a needed custom decorator wasn't available (wasn't registered or wasn't at the right place), and GME tried to fall back to default decorators.

If you use earlier external releases then the source of the problem is also probably your system misses some custom decorators. It can happen that you registered the decorator, but you moved the decorator project/dll to another place after registration, or some other problem causes GME to miss some decorator. Please try to determine which decorator it misses actually, you might get a specific error message on that on console before GME gives up.

These are my first guesses.

Let me know further details,

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I am working on the same project that was described in this past message:

We've gone through the problem, but we're stuck with another problem.

We were able to retrieve a handle of a specific object (BON::Object), but when we try to change something that's shown on the screen, for example, when we change the co-ordinates or the name of the object (an Atom) using

Atom (atom) (*it); // here *it is the object handle
atom->getRegistry()->setLocation(p); // where p is a Point


I see "Cannot create default decorator. Giving up" error.

Can I get some help here?

Thank you very much!

jaeyounb at usc.edu

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