[gme-users] Regarding Moving Objects through BON

Jae young Bang jaeyounb at usc.edu
Sat Jun 20 15:56:39 CDT 2009

Hello Csaba,

The GME I'm using is 7.6.29.

The situation here is that the project I'm using for testing uses the  
built-in UML paradigm. I haven't moved the UML decorator. So it might  
not be the problem.

I'm guessing if it might be because I created a new Territory to  
retrieve an object handle by the relative ID. Is it possible?

Below is more of the codes if it could have a clue. The error comes up  
at the last statement with setLocation().

	std::set<BON::Object> objs = findByKind(type);
	std::set<BON::Object>::iterator it;

	long rID;

	for(it = objs.begin(); it != objs.end(); it ++) {

		// if this object is the object we want
		if(rID == relID) {
			// overwrite the name
			// if it has position registry, overwrite it
			Atom atom (*it);
				Point p;
				p.first = x;
				p.second = y;

				atom->getRegistry()->setLocation(p, "UML");


Thank you very much for your help!


jaeyounb at usc.edu

On Jun 20, 2009, at 12:17 PM, Csaba Toth wrote:

> Hi Jae,
> I cannot see which version of GME you use, but if it's a version 9.x  
> internal release, it can be this problem:
> http://escher.isis.vanderbilt.edu/JIRA/browse/GME-169
> I've fixed this problem, which arised when a needed custom decorator  
> wasn't available (wasn't registered or wasn't at the right place),  
> and GME tried to fall back to default decorators.
> If you use earlier external releases then the source of the problem  
> is also probably your system misses some custom decorators. It can  
> happen that you registered the decorator, but you moved the  
> decorator project/dll to another place after registration, or some  
> other problem causes GME to miss some decorator. Please try to  
> determine which decorator it misses actually, you might get a  
> specific error message on that on console before GME gives up.
> These are my first guesses.
> Let me know further details,
> Csaba
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> Hello.
> I am working on the same project that was described in this past  
> message:
> http://list.isis.vanderbilt.edu/pipermail/gme-users/2009-April/001727.html
> We've gone through the problem, but we're stuck with another problem.
> We were able to retrieve a handle of a specific object  
> (BON::Object), but when we try to change something that's shown on  
> the screen, for example, when we change the co-ordinates or the name  
> of the object (an Atom) using
> Atom (atom) (*it); // here *it is the object handle
> if(atom)
> {
> atom->getRegistry()->setLocation(p); // where p is a Point
> }
> I see "Cannot create default decorator. Giving up" error.
> Can I get some help here?
> Thank you very much!
> ~Jae
> jaeyounb at usc.edu
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