[gme-users] Command line version of JavaCompRegister.exe?

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Nov 3 09:52:00 CDT 2010

There is no command-line version of JavaCompRegister.exe. You can create the
registry values it creates in your setup script:




to the path of JavaCompRunner.dll (query this from




to your-clsid


Copy the values under


from your machine that ran JavaCompRegister.


Essentially, JavaCompRunner queries GME\Components\progid for JavaClassPath
and JavaClass, and runs that.


Alternatively, you can run process monitor filtered for JavaCompRegister.exe
and see what it does when you run it.






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I am using an interpreter written in Java and am able to install it
successfully by using JavaCompRegister.exe. In order to be able to do this
in an install script, however, I would like to find a command-line way to
install the interpreter.  Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks,


Andrew Davis

a.davis at vanderbilt.edu 

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