[gme-users] Create Model/Folder programmatically

Lucy_efrizoni lusi_dl at yahoo.co.id
Tue Feb 1 03:42:42 CST 2011

Dear Kevin,
We have tried to make a folder with following codes and it is work well but the 
thing we need to know is how to create other objects other than folder like 
atom/model, connection, and fill attribute after atom/model successful is 
public void invokeEx(JBuilder builder, JBuilderObject focus,
                                    Collection selected, int param) {
                        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        MgaFolder dest_root = builder.getProject().getRootFolder();
        MgaMetaFolder meta_folder = 

        MgaFolder folder = dest_root.createFolder(meta_folder);
        folder = dest_root.createFolder(meta_folder);
Your advices, quidances, hints are very much appreciated.
Thank you,
Lusiana Efrizoni
	* Software Engineering Department
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81300 UTM Skudai Johor, Malaysia (Phone: +60167825101)
	* STMIK-AMIK Riau  Pekanbaru
Jl. Purwodadi Indah Km. 10 Panam Pekanbaru
Riau - Indonesia (Phone: +628127516817)

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