[gme-users] Create Model/Folder programmatically

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Feb 7 10:27:48 CST 2011

Hi Lucy,


The classes in org.isis.gme.bon are intended for use by interpreter authors,
as they are easier to use than the classes in org.isis.gme.mga.


Here's an example for the MetaGME paradigm:

      public void invokeEx(JBuilder builder, JBuilderObject focus,

                  Collection selected, int param) {


            JBuilderModel model = builder.getRootFolder().createNewModel(



            JBuilderAtom fco = model.createNewAtom("FCO");









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Subject: Create Model/Folder programmatically


Dear Kevin,


We have tried to make a folder with following codes and it is work well but
the thing we need to know is how to create other objects other than folder
like atom/model, connection, and fill attribute after atom/model successful
is created. 


public void invokeEx(JBuilder builder, JBuilderObject focus,

                                    Collection selected, int param) {

                        // TODO Auto-generated method stub


        MgaFolder dest_root = builder.getProject().getRootFolder();


        MgaMetaFolder meta_folder =


        MgaFolder folder = dest_root.createFolder(meta_folder);


        folder = dest_root.createFolder(meta_folder);





Your advices, quidances, hints are very much appreciated.


Thank you,

Lusiana Efrizoni 

*	Software Engineering Department
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81300 UTM Skudai Johor, Malaysia (Phone: +60167825101)
*	STMIK-AMIK Riau  Pekanbaru
Jl. Purwodadi Indah Km. 10 Panam Pekanbaru
Riau - Indonesia (Phone: +628127516817)




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