[gme-users] How to know which object is destroyed

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Apr 4 09:11:17 CDT 2012

Hi Jae,


OBJEVENT_DESTROYED does have the obj parameter set, but since it is deleted, you cannot read the GUID. Try the OBJEVENT_PRE_DESTROYED event instead.


Also, be sure you are checking the return value of the COM calls, as the GetGuid method will return a FAILED HRESULT if called after the object is deleted (i.e. E_MGA_OBJECT_DELETED)





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I am wondering if there is any way to figure out which object is destroyed within objectEventPerformed() of a plugin.


For any other events, the object parameter of objectEventPerformed() indicates to which object the event was performed, but for OBJEVENT_DESTROYED, the object parameter seems empty. In detail, I would like to get the GUID of the object that is being destroyed, but I can't get it from the object parameter ...


Thank you!



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