[gme-users] Compiling with Visual Studio 2k10 ultimate

Andrew N wither at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 16:51:19 CDT 2012

Hey guys

I'm trying to extend a few MFC menus but before I even do that I can't get
the solution file to load in VS2k10. I have activepython 2.7 installed, and
tried to run (via cmd as Administrator) the build.py stuff.

Just loading the sln file into vs then building with a Win32 bit target
throws the following errors (again,running VS2k10 as admin)

Here's a link to the errors being thrown when I try to build the solution
in w32-mode. Since there are so many errors I figured it'd be easier to
read as an image...


The x64 bit target throws way more warnings (looks just like static
analysis semantic warnings, not critical build errors).

Any help would be appreciated,
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