[gme-users] Question regarding distribution of an add-on

James H. Hill hillj at cs.iupui.edu
Mon Apr 23 18:35:09 CDT 2012


One approach we use for your tools is to use Wix to create an MSI installer:


You just have to make sure you configure the registry values correctly.



On Apr 23, 2012, at 5:18 PM, Jae young Bang wrote:

> Hello.
> I use GME 12.3.13 with VS 2010 to develop an add-on.
> When I distribute an add-on I build, I used to pass over the entire code and let the users build with VS 2010. It takes too much effort (especially the use of VS 2010).
> Is there any easier way to distribute my add-on? Maybe I could hand over the DLL and somehow set it up on the other machines? ...
> Thank you very much!
> ~Jae
> jaeyounb at USC.edu
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