[gme-users] Using OLE Automation in GME 10.8.18

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Aug 28 12:14:37 CDT 2012

What exactly do you want to do? Often scripting Mga, GME's model layer,
is easier. You can run interpreters or Addons without running GME
proper. See IMgaProject in Mga.idl (IMgaProject.EnableAllAutoAddOns is
relevant) and MgaLauncher in MgaUtil.idl.



For GME scripting, as Peter mentioned, the best resource is Gme.idl.


Start with CoCreateInstance("GME.Application") instead of running GME
directly with /automation. You can show the GUI by setting


Note "OLE" and "OLE Automation" confusingly refer to two different


GME10.8.18 is binary-compatible with the current GME. Changes are
required to compile Addons against the current GME. I can help if you
send error messages.


With GME10.8.18, you may run into
http://repo.isis.vanderbilt.edu/JIRA/browse/GME-257 , if you use
early-binding COM and GME.Application (i.e out-of-proc COM).




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I'm  doing some testing using models exported with a GME plug in that
I'd like to try and automate. I've looked into OLE automation which is
mentioned in the GME source but but I haven't found any documentation


I was just wondering if anyone would be able to direct me to the
documentation or has had any experience with OLE and GME. Ideally we'd
like to run this without the GUI using something like the /automation or
/embedding flags on the command line.

Also due to the plugins we're using we're currently locked into using
GME 10.8.18.






Andrew Wallis

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