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Ray, Sumit (US SSA) sumit.ray at baesystems.com
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Thanks. I will try out what you suggest but what I am looking for is an UDM-based statically-linked executable (interpreter) that interacts with a live (running) instance of GME. How does one connect to a GME application processing an "mga" file from a static executable?


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   1. Re: invoking interpreters (Joe Porter)


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The chief advantage with UDM is that you can use the XML backend to write
standalone interpreters that are completely independent of GME.  The Udm
installation comes with a utility called UdmCopy that can convert a GME
model into the equivalent XML digestable by Udm.  Your interpreter will
need to include the Udm-generated code, and either include the generated
xsd file in your distribution or else compile it into the code (see the Udm
command-line options).  Instead of all of the COM infrastructure that you
used to integrate your interpreter code into GME, you can simply write a
main function that loads the specified model file and invokes your logic.
 The only tricks are to link against the UDM library, and to make sure you
commit model changes before closing.  UdmCopy and Udm should both provide
command-line help when run from the prompt.

Is that what you're after?


On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 6:26 AM, Ray, Sumit (US SSA) <
sumit.ray at baesystems.com> wrote:

>  Hi,****
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> I have written UDM based C++ interpreters that are DLLs. How do I
> statically build an executable UDM interpreter? How do I then use the
> interpreter from the command line and connect to a running GME instance?**
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> Also, what are the advantages of using UDM over BON or MON?****
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> Thanks,****
> Sumit ****
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