[gme-users] Naive GMEConsole::Console question

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Mar 22 14:27:50 CDT 2012

The GME console is actually an embedded Internet Explorer. Try this:

gme.ConsoleMessage("line 1<br/> line 2<br/>line 3", 1)


gme.ConsoleContents = "line 1<br/> line 2<br/>line 3"


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Hi all,

My question certainly displays some naiveté, so I apologize in advance. :) I want to generate output in the console that a user can paste into another program without having to open a file. For example, the output should appear as

matrix = [ 1 1 1; ...
2 2 2; ...
3 3 3; ...

However, if I generate this matrix as an std::string, it shows correctly when generated to a file, but the output in the console is

matrix = [ 1 1 1; ... 2 2 2; ... 3 3 3; ... ];

Which will not work in the other program (MATLAB, of course). I also tried this:

CString str;
str.Format( "Test 1 \n Test 2" );
GMEConsole::Console::Out::WriteLine( str );

But this shows as

Test 1 Test 2

So, any advice? :) For now it is easy to work around, by not allowing copy out of the console, but if I'm just doing something really stupid (or is there is a checkbox I need to enter somewhere) I am much obliged.


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