[gme-users] PRE_DESTROYED in GME 10.8.18

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue May 1 11:47:33 CDT 2012

Hi Jae,

If memory serves, the BON component wizard didn't have the predestroyed
event listed, although it should have, for some versions of GME. I'm not
sure when that was fixed or when the predestroyed event was added.

I'd suggest you try to make it work with GME 12. It should be as simple
as rebuilding your project. The BON interface and implementation hasn't
changed much. Maybe what happened is that you compiled your project,
then installed GME 12. Since Visual Studio does its incremental build
based on timestamps, your idl and/or cpp files wouldn't have been
recompiled. Try installing GME 12 then rebuilding.

If that doesn't work, let me know what the error message is.


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I was trying to migrate from GME 9.12.15 to GME 10.8.18 to take
advantage of the new PRE_DESTROYED object event.

The README file of GME 10.8.18 says that PRE_DESTROYED was introduced in
GME 10.6.1, and I see some lines of code in the GME 10.8.18 source code
that look like creating the PRE_DESTROYED object event.

I actually tried the latest GME 12 first, and it did work partly -- it
called objectEventPerformed() in the BON2 component successfully with
PRE_DESTROYED. However, my old BON2 code that I originally developed for
GME 9.12.15 somehow did not work (it somehow no longer allowed me to
call the component itself and invoke invokeEx() through
Component->GetInterface()), so I removed GME 12 and am trying with GME
10. It seems like GME 10.8.18 runs my old BON2 code with no problem, but
somehow I don't get the PRE_DESTROYED events.

I am trying to create a completely new BON2 AddOn through the SDK. The
problem is that I don't see PRE_DESTROYED in the Add-on events list of
the GME COM Component Wizard. Does GME 10.8.18 support PRE_DESTROYED?
Because I see something regarding the COM interface has been rolled back
in the README of GME 10.6.4, I am not so sure if the PRE_DESTROYED
support is alive in 10.8.18.

Is there any way that I can use PRE_DESTROYED in GME 10.8.18?

Thank you everyone in advance, especially Kevin. I have been asking too
many stupid questions over the last several years. This project I'm
working on, at least the part that I am supposed to do stuff with GME,
is nearing the end. I truly appreciate all of your helps and answers!
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