[gme-users] Adding a menu item that invokes a class...

Andrew N wither at gmail.com
Thu May 10 08:31:41 CDT 2012

... which (should) invoke a dialog box.

Things I've done/checked so far:

Created a simple Dialog box with a few controls (edit, text, etc) and saved
it to the resource folder in GME/GME.rc/Dialog

I added an auto-gen'd event handler which created a new class (Class.cpp
for the purposes of this example)   Note: the Class::Class(CWnd *pParent) :
CDialogEx(Class::IDD, pParent) constructor is empty, I'm not sure if that's
relevant but I don't think it is..

There's a MESSAGE_MAP COMMAND(menu_item_id, &class::member_function())
invocation within the Class.cpp was auto-generated. It's wrapped in the
standard BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP macro stuff.

However: when the menu item is clicked, the item remains gray. The
properties for "enabled=true" and "gray=false" are both properly
configured. So, I assume this is error is due to  the message handler isnt

I'm lost! any help would be appreciated, again.

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