[gme-users] GME release 12.4.20

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed May 2 09:34:29 CDT 2012

I'm pleased to announce the release of GME 12.4.20. This release is
binary compatible with previous releases.


Upgrading immediately is recommended, as this release fixed a rare data
loss bug. Under some circumstances, some FCOs' or Folders' names would
become blank, and/or connection endpoint labels would become blank
(which shows up as "Source (or Destination) connection
error...Connection Properties:" when opening the parent model). To
recover from the blank connection endpoint labels, export to xme and
replace <connpoint role="" with <connpoint role="src" or <connpoint
role="dst" where appropriate.


You can obtain GME at:



Please file bugs and other issues at:





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