[gme-users] Impossible to set attributes a JbuilderModel in an actionPerformed

Lechevalier, David david.lechevalier at nist.gov
Wed Jun 17 09:17:45 CDT 2015


I am writing my GME interpreter in JAVA. I am creating a Frame that is popping up in front of the GME window.
However, when I click on a specific button, I want to interact with JBuilderModel and JBuilderConnection objects that are in the GME window.
When I click on the button (so in my code, I am in an action performed function), I am able to use all the "get" functions related to the objects. As soon as I try to use "set" functions, nothing happen in the model, and I don't get any error message. (I did all the verification to be sure that the object is not null, etc...problem is occurring as soon as I am in the actionperformed function. Somewhere else, it works well)

I am wondering if it is because in an action performed Java is using another thread but I am not sure.

Anyone would have a clue?

Thank you,
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