[great-users] Exception: Object handle is null

Aditya Agrawal Aditya at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon May 31 02:35:16 CDT 2004

> ----
> caption: "GME"
> text: "Exception: Object handle is null"
> ----
> The rule is simple:
> get a child from the element from the source metamodel,
> create a corresponding child from the element from the destination
> metamodel (CreateNew)
> link the two with a cross-diagram association (also CreateNew)
> put in output the same elements which I got from the input

Did you confirm that the role name on the crosslink match the role names
in the cross link metamodel. Another thing to check is to see weather
the cross link metamodel still has valid references. 

If none of these work please email the transformation and associated
files and I will try to debug the problem.


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