[great-users] Any way to compile with optimizations disabled?

Sandeep Neema sandeep at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Sun Nov 14 11:49:59 CST 2004

There is a nmake makefile (Meta.mak) in the <GREAT_INSTALL>/etc. You can
set/modify the compile options in that place -


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> Subject: [great-users] Any way to compile with optimizations disabled?
> Hi all,
> upgrading to the latest GReAT we had a problem: the new GReAT compiles
> (with VC6) much more, before running the transformation, than it used
> do in the previous version. Now the .cpp and .h files coming from the
> metas are also compiled, and here is the problem: the VC6 optimizer
> not like our PICML.cpp and hangs up (loops). So we are stuck and
> use GReAT anymore.
> In facts GReAT unfortunately compiles everything with the /O2 flag
> (optimize speed).
> Is there any way to tell the new GReAT to compile with /Od (no
> optimizations), or not to compile the metas at all? (like the previous
> version was doing...)
> Thanks
> Gabriele
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