[great-users] GReAT always recompiles everything!

Gabriele Trombetti gabtromb at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Nov 15 03:21:54 CST 2004

Whatever minimal change the user performs on a transformation, when s/he 
invokes the GReAT Master Interpreter ALL the UDM files are rewritten and 
then they are recompiled at the first invocation of the transformation.

With the default /O2 compiler settings my transformation takes something 
like 15 minutes to compile (a big PICML.cpp). This is not reasonable 
when the user is developing and debugging a transformation and would 
like to recompile and retry the transformation quickly. When I hack by 
hand the compiler flags putting /Od it takes 2 minutes to compile, but 
with the previous version of GReAT it was taking just 10 sec or the 
like. This seems a significant degrade of usability for GReAT to me.

At least the GReAT Master Interpreter should check for each file if the 
new version of the file it's replacing is identical byte by byte to the 
previous one and in that case do something to avoid recompiling that 
file at the next invocation of the transformation


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