[great-users] MetaGME2UMT Interpreter: More than one AssociatonClass possible?

Florian Kraus florian.kraus at diplomLRT.de
Thu Jun 23 06:18:56 CDT 2011



I'm trying to insert my paradigm into a GReAT transformation file. I'm using
the interpreter that sais "Converts GME metamodel to UML class diagram in a
given UMT paradigm".

Then GME shows the following error message:

"Connection "CO_SubsystemSignal" has more than one AssociationClass"


In fact there are several Connections that have more than one
AssociationClass. The input models are already finished and thus it's hard
to change my paradigm afterwards.


Isn't it possible to have more than one AssociationClass?

Or do you know a workaround?



Besides that I have another question:

Is there any additional information about the "Connection Role Type" in the
GReAT transformation rules?

I can select "TracesTo, PatternComposition, PatternAssociation,
MatchAnyAssociation and IteratorShiftConn" - but I wonder about their



Thank you in advance.

Best regards


Florian Kraus

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