[tao-users] Initialization Problem

Keith Degrace keith.degrace at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 08:34:01 CST 2015

Hi all,

I'm trying to diagnose a problem that is only happening very rarely (on
Windows). I have two local processes communicating via ACE/TAO. The server
is successfully initializing but the client is failing on certain machines
(it happens on very, very few machines but is 100% reproducible on the
machines that fail). I increased the debug levels to see if I couldn't get
a hint of what is happening.  Typically when we see similar problems, they
are related to port conflicts but in this case, the server is able to bind
the port successfully and the client simply cannot connect to it.

I'm fairly convinced that the problem is related to the OS configuration,
or perhaps some restrictive software (e.g. firewall).  However, I've
exhausted all known options. Maybe someone who is more experienced with
ACE/TAO could lend some advice about things to try.

Here is the debug output:

(54704|55664) Service_Participant::set_repo_ior: Repo[ DEFAULT_REPO] ==
(54704|55664) [repository/DEFAULT_REPO]: RepositoryIor == corbaloc::
(54704|55664) NOTICE: not using file configuration - no configuration file
(54704|55664) NOTICE: Service_Participant::intializeScheduling() - no
scheduling policy specified, not setting policy.
(54704|55664) Service_Participant::get_discovery: returning repository for
domain 44380, repo DEFAULT_REPO.
TAO (54704|55664) - Completed initializing the process-wide service context
TAO (54704|55664) - Default ORB services initialization begins
TAO (54704|55664) - Default ORB services initialization completed
TAO (54704|55664) - We are the default ORB ...
TAO (54704|55664) - Initializing the orb-specific services
TAO (54704|55664) - ORBInitializer_Registry::register_orb_initializer 0
TAO (54704|55664) - TAO_Time_Policy_Manager: loaded time policy strategy
TAO (54704|55664) - Default_Resource_Factory - codeset
TAO (54704|55664) - Codeset_Manager_i::init_ccs, Loaded Codeset translator
<UTF8_Latin1_Factory>, ncs = 00010001 tcs = 05010001
TAO (54704|55664) - UTF16_BOM_Translator: forceBE 0
TAO (54704|55664) - Loaded default protocol <IIOP_Factory>
TAO (54704|55664) - Created new ORB <OpenDDS_DCPS>
TAO (54704|55664) - Unable to open default acceptor for <IIOP_Factory>: No
(54704|55664) EXCEPTION, ERROR:
InfoRepoDiscovery::add_domain_participant:system exception, ID 'IDL:
omg.org/CORBA/INTERNAL:1.0'TAO <http://omg.org/CORBA/INTERNAL:1.0%27TAO>
exception, minor code = 0 (endpoint initialization failure in Acceptor
Registry; unspecified errno), completed = NO
(54704|55664) ERROR: DomainParticipantFactoryImpl::create_participant,
add_domain_participant returned invalid id.
DDS infrastructure server exception: UNKNOWN - system exception, ID 'IDL:
<http://omg.org/CORBA/UNKNOWN:1.0%27Unknown> vendor minor code id (0),
minor code = 0, completed = NO) 000000013F677A50;s in  (line
51234864)000000013F677AB8DDS infrastructure server exception: UNKNOWN -
system exception, ID 'IDL:omg.org/CORBA/UNKNOWN:1.0' Unknown vendor minor
code id (0), minor code = 0, completed = NO
TAO (54704|55664) - Destroying ORB <OpenDDS_DCPS>
TAO (54704|55664) - ORBInitializer_Registry::fini clearing 0

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