[tao-users] ORB maximum data transfer size

Phil Mesnier mesnierp at ociweb.com
Tue Aug 30 01:39:16 CDT 2016

Hi Siddharth,

> On Aug 29, 2016, at 8:03 AM, Siddharth Kulkarni <sidd.kulkarni at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK Thanks for the information.
> What we have observed that our JacORB client gets hang if we sent 40
> MB data as a reply to query.
> May be based on your explaination, as GIOP call can return virtually
> unlimited data, this reply may overflow JVM buffer which uses JacORB.
> Is it correct?

I imagine you are probably hitting some capacity limit. Whether it is in the JVM, jacORB, or the host in general I can't say. 

However, GIOP needs to allocate enough space tho hold the entire message being received, so if you have a physical limitation of about 40 MB per message, perhaps you can structure this interface so that the troublesome messages, whether requests or replies, stay under the 40 MB limit. For example, if it is a huge buffer sent in a request, then you cold break it into a series of smaller chunks that you can process somehow. For large replies, you could return an iterator instead, so the client could request smaller sections.

ultimately, thee is nothing special about 40 MB, so if that's where bad things happen in your Java code, I think that's where you need to focus your debugging effort.

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