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Wed Aug 1 00:07:22 CDT 2007


On 8/1/07, apparao <apparao at effigent.net> wrote:
>         What are the advantages of ACE library compared with other platform
> independent languages like XUL and Boost library.

>From what little I know (The authors of the libraries are the best to
comment on this as they are the real experts):

I had posted a similar question on the BOOST mailing list. One person
responded. We took the discussion off the thread and got the following

BOOST: It is a library with lot of primitives and building blocks for
meta programming. Heavily built on C++ template functionalities.
Hence, it is highly language specific. If you are looking for a very
specific OS abstracted requirement like thread library or async IO...
BOOST has it. It intentionally lacks the interdependency between
libraries and hence mainly used as building blocks for a bigger
infrastructure library (like ACE).

ACE: ACE has both a component (specific) based utility value and also
as a complete framework  for developing highly scalable, platform
independent (as ACE is well ported) network (or multiple processes on
the same box) applications. It provides you the features that you
would otherwise build yourself using BOOST. Since ACE has been around
longer than BOOST, lot of features seen in BOOST are implemented in
ACE. ACE did not have a BOOST like building blocks. Maybe, ACE would
have used BOOST (or something similar) had it been available during
the start of ACE.

Similar libraries:
TWISTED in PYTHON: PYTHON has all (almost) the primitives that BOOST
has to offer. In spite of that, TWISTED was born and apprears very
promising. TWISTED in PYTHON is similar to ACE in C++.
POCO: C++ POrtable COmponents. This looks almost like BOOST to me.

Well, I may be wrong in my understanding of the different libraries, I
am still a student myself in this field.

with best regards,

Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Contents reflect my personal views only!

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