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On 1/8/07 8:07 AM, "dhruva" <dhruvakm at gmail.com> wrote:

> BOOST: It is a library with lot of primitives and building blocks for
> meta programming. Heavily built on C++ template functionalities.
> Hence, it is highly language specific. If you are looking for a very
> specific OS abstracted requirement like thread library or async IO...
> BOOST has it. It intentionally lacks the interdependency between
> libraries and hence mainly used as building blocks for a bigger
> infrastructure library (like ACE).
> ACE: ACE has both a component (specific) based utility value and also
> as a complete framework  for developing highly scalable, platform
> independent (as ACE is well ported) network (or multiple processes on
> the same box) applications. It provides you the features that you
> would otherwise build yourself using BOOST. Since ACE has been around
> longer than BOOST, lot of features seen in BOOST are implemented in
> ACE. ACE did not have a BOOST like building blocks. Maybe, ACE would
> have used BOOST (or something similar) had it been available during
> the start of ACE.

As I remember BOOST was born as TEST-area where C++ experts did invent new
and new TEMPLATE classes, which later are proposed to ANSI C++ standard.

ACE you need to use if you going develop some kind of NETWORK / SERVER apps.

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