[ace-users] Disposition of the RMCast facility

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Wed Aug 22 16:06:01 CDT 2007

Dear ACE users,

There is a facility in the ACE distribution called RMCast (Reliable
Multicast). It's located in ACE_wrappers/protocols/ace/RMCast. As part
of the ACE distribution, the regular ACE builds are building and
testing RMCast daily on many platforms. Although RMCast's build is
successful, its tests are failing on numerous platforms. Since nobody
in the user community has been submitting issues related to RMCast to
the mailing lists, the ACE development/maintenance crew is wondering
if anyone uses the RMCast facility.

If you use the RMCast facility, please respond to the list to say so.
Pending feedback from you all, we're planning to stop testing RMCast
prior to the release of ACE 5.6 and, if nobody reports using it, it
may be removed from the ACE distribution following ACE 5.6.1.

Steve Huston

Steve Huston, Riverace Corporation

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