[ace-users] loosing signal for "connection closed"

Ali Hussnain Shah hussnain_shah at gmx.net
Tue Aug 28 15:40:53 CDT 2007


   i am writing a small server wich should forward data from one client 
C1 to the second one C2.

C1 is sending data very fast, to slow down C1 with ACE handle_input of 
C1's handler returns value > 0 if there is still pending data for C2.

Data from C1 is put in the message queue of C2, which C2 will forward in 
it's handle_ouput after the reactor does a callback. For that i have 
increased the size of C2's message queue with 

Problem is: All the data is transferred successfully, C1 does send data 
slowly if C2 is still processing. But sometimes the reactor does not 
call handle_input() if C1 is closing its socket () and handle_close of 
C1 is nerver called?

Any hints would be very helpfull?

with best regards,

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