[Ace-users] [tao-users] Reconnecting detail

Dale Wilson wilson_d at ociweb.com
Wed Dec 5 08:49:45 CST 2007

Hi Samuel,

samuel Gonzalez wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to learn how can I reconnect consumers and suppliers when 
> Notify Service, consumers or suppliers, shutdown
> I read some docs and test the reconnecting test 
> ../orbsvcs/tests/Notify/Reconnecting
Good.  That's the test we used when we were developing the reconnection 
> When I look reconnecting code I understand that saving information 
> about channels ID, etc, make possible the reconnection.
> I look that the first of consumer or supplier that connect create the 
> channel using
>    ec_ = this->ecf_->create_channel (   qosprops,   adminprops,   
> this->ec_id_);
> this function return ChannelID used in a reconnection process.
> However the only way that I found to obtain the channelID  is  this  
> function. It means that only the entity that create channel, knows  
> ChannelID.
You are correct.   The entity that creates the channel needs to capture 
the ChannelID returned from the create_channel call and save it 
"somewhere safe" for use during reconnection.

 > Exist another way to obtain the channelID, from consumers and 
suppliers?Some kind of function that I pass Channel Name and returns de 
ChannelID in some way.

Sorry, no such function exists.

PS: In the future when you submit a question like this, please include 
the Problem Report Form (PRF) that you can find in 


> If this function exist, I don't need to synchronize network files for 
> make the reconnection, like reconnection test..
> Thanks for all
> GS.

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