[Ace-users] TAO ACE Compatibilty

murray.buchanan at gmail.com murray.buchanan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 19:06:16 CST 2007


I have recently upgraded to the TAO 1.5.1 Notification Service, for
performance reasons, from 1.4.3 however I have issues with sending
certain messages from code that is compiled against ACE 1.4.3. There
are no problems when using TAO 1.4.3 NotificationService.

At the moment I am hesitant to upgrade to a newer version of ACE due
to having a large amount of legacy code that would have to be

So I was just wondering about the backward compatibility of the TAO
Notification service with older versions of ACE.

Again the problem only exists on certain messages.

I can supply NotificationService output if needed.


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